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Our Founder and CEO Dev Chheda has research experience in deploying AI based algorithms and solutions in different use cases including scientific research in the field of Cancer Drug Therapies using DNN algorithms, Human Speech, Emotion and Mood Detection using ML algorithms. Bringing AI in the hands of a mobile phone user with business, education and gaming use cases is now our passion. Below are some projects and resources that will be useful for AI enthusiasts. We welcome your thoughts, comments and ideas as you explore the world of Artificial Intelligence.


AI based Computational Pathways Modelling solution for Cancer Drug Discovery. The Artificial Intelligence based framework reduces Cancer Drug discovery process by a huge factor, using Deep Neural Network (DNN) to predict Drug's ability to inhibit cellline activity in a cancer cell.

Contact us for more detail information and access to code. 

Emotion Detection

Emotion detection from speech using AI is an interesting use-case, especially without reading the context of the speech.

Using the Wolfram library and functions, this project demostrates how AI can assist in detection of mood using speech patterns.

You can access the project files and code here.


See how Math and Algorithmic design can help solve the problem of Gerrymandering in the US.

Using Math based algorithms this program redraws the congressional district borders in a state. The program can also be used in a business and government application to understand optimum distribution of resources in a community, city or state.

AI is the next frontier in the evolution process.
Our mission is to put AI in everyone's hands through MAD Mobile Apps
If you have a use case that can benefit from AI, write to us and we will partner with you to solve for it.

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