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Asteroid Space

Game Mission

An unknown force has caused a fluctuation in the gravity fields near your home planet. As a result, millions of asteroids from the nearby asteroid belt have begun moving towards your home planet, threatening to wipe out civilization on your planet.

Your mission is to destroy these asteroids before they reach your home planet. The asteroids also contain precious minerals that can be harvested to upgrade your ship. Defend the planet from the asteroids and collect as many minerals as possible. Good luck, and save your planet! 

Download the Asteroid Space on your iPhone available today. Don't forget to share with your friends and family.

You can also download the Asteroid Space game on Android devices at the Google Play Store.

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Main Page

Players can navigate to different screens from here or start playing with the play button.


Spaceship is controlled by touch. Move up-down, left-right. Spaceship fires automatically in a continuos stream.


Purchase upgrades to the ship at the shop. Use your minerals to trade for ship upgrades.


Compete globally or with your friends on the leaderboard. Enjoy together or all by your self.

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